Important Terms


1Turn StartThe start of a turn.
2Reload PhaseThe phase at the start of a player's turn where their Spaceships gets reloaded
3Command PhaseThe main phase of a turn. The turn player gets to play their cards.
4Turn EndThe end of a turn
5FrontlineThe Game Field

Game Terms

1HQStands for Headquarters. A player loses if their HQ Life hits 0
2UnitEverything in your Frontline. This includes Spaceships, Structures and Tokens
3SpaceshipA player's main battling units
4SizeA Spaceship Size. Certain cards can only be affected by certain sizes
5SummonPlacing Spaceship(s) on the Frontline
6StructureBuildings that gives a variety of effects. Their effects are only active when built
7BuildSpend Supply to build Structures
8ActivateActivate the effects of Spaceships or Structures
9TokensA special kind of Spaceship or Structure that is created by the effects of certain cards
10AttackCommand your Spaceship to attack either a Spaceship or HQ
11BlockA player whose HQ is attacked may choose a Spaceship to block the attack
12Morale DamageDamage dealt to HQ when your spaceship is destroyed

Card Types

1Spaceship CardCards that depicts Spaceships
2Command CardCards with various effects that can be activated from the hand
3Retrofit CardCards that can be equipped to Spaceships with permanent effects
4Structure CardCards that can be placed on the Frontline and built to activate its effects


1SwiftSpaceships with Swift cannot be blocked when attacking HQ
2ReloadingSpaceships will start in the Frontline with Reloading. They cannot attack or activate effects
3HasteSpaceships with Haste will start in the Frontline without Reloading
4PierceSpaceships with Pierce deals excess damage from attacking Spaceships to the HQ
5DeathtouchDestroy any Spaceship it damages
6ParalysedUnable to take action
7TauntOnly able to target this for attacks